Stop Hair Loss Today in as Little as a Week with these 3 Easy Steps

Is Balding making you pull your hair out? If you really want to stop hair loss today and to be informed on how to  regrow hair naturally, you must first find the main source of the problem. Because if you do not, you will go back and forth between solutions, but not really going anywhere.

In fact you maybe just do more harm than good.According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 million women in the USA experience hair loss, compared with about 50 million men. Several factors can be attributed to the hair recession or massive hair loss hair and you should find one that is exactly the cause of the problem you have now. Of course, male pattern baldness is still the most common cause, but what if you are a woman? That's why you need to really dig and find the source of your problem.

Other causes of hair loss may include severe mental or emotional stress, excessive use of color or bleach, traction alopecia or excessive pressure on the scalp because of braiding or corn rowing, hormonal changes, alopecia areata or hair loss due to autoimmune diseases, and many more. Each of these conditions will require a different approach to achieve success if you use conventional or natural methods.

The reason why it is preferable to use natural methods as opposed to the conventional ones is simple - they are cheaper, have less or no side effects, and often more effective. If you have dealt with the problem long enough you’ve probably tried products like minoxidil, laser treatment, PUVA or psoralen ultraviolet radiation, or Propecia - most if not all of which have unpleasant side effects or forces you to consistently make time for treatment sessions which can also be painful and expensive.

Yes, the natural way is much safer, but it is not without certain risks and therefore you still have to do a little research before you try a particular product. But know it or not, you may be able to start treatment without buying anything. Changing your diet over a low-fat high-fiber really do much in terms of promoting hair growth and renewal. It is recommended you focus more on foods that contain biotins which plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair, too.

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